Dedicated, stylized director of photography with proven track record. Visual thinker who is not afraid to push the limits with storytelling and visual images while remaining invisible and clear. Experience ranges from reality, documentary, sports, news, magazine and comedy to corporate levels of broadcasting and video work. Can take a project from the nucleus of an idea to air on television networks with award winning results. On time and on budget.
Creative Leadership . Creative Thinker . Creative Award Winning Results Producer . Director . Director of Photography . Editor . Writer . Development

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Now Based in Sedona Arizona 

Stan McMeekin - Testimonials from Linkedin. 

“Stan is an amazing DP. His eye for detail and ability to run and gun in true verite is
​top notch. Directing his camera work is a breeze, maybe even unnecessary because his instincts are so keen. If I could have Stan on all of my shoots, I would be one happy producer.”
-Sarah Ebadi
Co-Executive Producer

“Stan is one heck of a pro. I'd work with him again in a second.”
-Scott Rensberger
Owner – Hoosier Monkey Media, Inc.

“Stan is a great videographer - creative, with a keen eye and great technical knowledge. He's not only aware of what makes a visually appealing shot, but also what makes a useful or valuable shot. He pays attention to circumstances and story, in addition to what's in the viewfinder.  
Nothing could recommend him more highly than what ends up on the screen, but his professionalism and personality make productions enjoyable. You should hire him.”
-Bill Flood

“If you're looking for a creative, collaborative photojournalist, look no further than Stan. I've known him professionally for more than 20 years. He's not only great with a camera, but is also a good guy!”
-Rory Bennett
Segment Director/Associate
Director at CBS Television Distribution

“Stan is an outstanding producer, photographer and editor. In the many years I was privileged to work with him, Stan showed an uncanny visual eye in the stories we produced together. Further, his editing skills made every story leap from the screen. Stan is also a pleasure to work with: positive, helpful, funny and bright. I would highly recommend Stan for any video/audio project.”
-Robert Branom

“Stan is a quality photographer that pays attention to the details. He is always a calming influence on a shoot, no matter what's required of him. He understands what it takes to do great live television. I know that things will run smoothly when I work a job with him.”
-Kristin Fraser
Emmy-Award Winning
Television News Leader;
Field Producing, Global
Reporting, Shooting &

“Stan has a great work-ethic, a great eye with the lens and a great attitude on-the-job! He is the kind of person who motivates and inspires all those around him. I would recommend Stan for any project.”
-Frank Kracher
TV News Professional

“Stan is an excellent photographer-editor who brings a touch of quality to everything he does. I worked with him for a number of years at KIRO TV and was always pleased with his contributions. In addition to his skills with a camera and at an edit bay, Stan is a good producer and storyteller; he doesn't just point and shoot, he's thinking about the story and unique ways to convey it. He's a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services.”
-Ben Saboonchian
Filmmaking Instructor
University of Washington
Documentary Producer

“Stan has the most incredible eye as a photographer. When it comes to getting something that stands out from the pack, Stan is the man for the job. He has such a great attitude. He is willing to take on any challenge. And when you ask Stan to shoot something for you, you are guaranteed to get more than you could have hoped! A perfect combination of the right picture, the right sound, the right moment; that is what Stan McMeekin provides.”
-Jamie Williams-Jenson
Freelance Producer

“Stan and I have worked together on numerous occasions. He is an excellent photographer who pays sharp attention to detail. At the same time, he's always open to suggestions and aims to make every shoot the best it can be. I know I'm guaranteed a satisfied client when working with Stan. He's also a fun loving guy and a real pleasure to be around which is a major plus on those 12 hour days.”
-Stephanie Kovac
Freelance Showrunner/


Thirteen Time Emmy Award  Winner

Professional - Flexible - Artistic - Committed

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