Thirteen Time Emmy Award  Winner

Stan McMeekin is a freelance television producer, editor, photographer and director who is based in Sedona, Arizona. He specializes in television production for national networks and corporate clients. Since starting his own television production company in 1998, his clients have included NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Discovery Channel, DreamWorks, Disney, Survivor, Hoarders, A&E, Microsoft, Apple, Farmers Insurance, American Express, Coke, Major League Baseball, ESPN, NFL, NHK in Japan and the ZDF Network in Germany and many more.

Prior to starting his own business Stan worked for local station affiliates in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Salt Lake City. He worked in such capacities as local news, documentary, comedy and magazine type formats where he won numerous local and national awards for his efforts including thirteen Emmy awards. Stan was also awarded the prestigious “Feature Story of the Year” award from the National Press Photographers Association. Stan started in this business by working as an intern for a local cable company. He was also interested in becoming an architect and studied in Hawaii and Salt Lake City.

Stan’s deep commitment to social justice and personal accountability grows out of his background in the news business and seeing the way the game is played. He believes that television is a powerful tool to be used for enlightenment and information not ignorance, for empowerment, not fear. He believes in the power of positive thinking and the hope of peace. 

Stan raised his boys overlooking the waters of Puget Sound until three years ago relocating back to southern California. In November of 2015, he relocated yet again to Sedona Arizona to be near his father. He loves to create art, taking still photos, traveling and playing golf. He has shown his photographs in several galleries in the Seattle area and has also added the title of winemaker to his credits. He is involved in non-profit foundations called, “Make The Dash Count”, “Wells of Hope” and a wellbeing center called “Harmony Hill” on Hood Canal in Washington State.   

PO Box 1965
Sedona, AZ 86339
(206) 669-7425

Resume - Stan McMeekin